Walking with Maasai is a charitable organization with a difference. We follow a sustainability model where we aim to generate income through eco tourism to help fund some of our community initiatives such as healthcare, education and conservation of our natural resources.

We believe solutions to community problems should be found and owned by the community members themselves. Walking with Maasai was set up by local community members and partners who wanted to make a positive difference in their community.

As our eco tourism initiative, we aim to develop and market the Olkoroi Camp to a level where it will generate enough income to sustain itself as well as other initiatives that address desperate needs such as adequate healthcare and education, conservation and environmental education in the community. Along the way, we have committed ourselves to train and invest in local community members to operate and manage these initiatives.

Our hope is that the rest of our community will see and recognize the tangible rewards they receive from conserving their natural resources and will be inspired to do so more and more.

Through this year and last year’s needs assessment we’ve discovered we need to develop and strengthen our infrastructure and focus on equipping our staff and community partners.

As part of empowering our Community Trust members and staff, we run the Work 4 a Living training course. The course is designed to build capacity in people to work with self motivation, self governance, and professionalism. It also emphasize strong work ethic, teaches communication skills, finance and business skills. You can see this short  feedback video from the training.

Our team has been very busy setting up essential infrastructure, such as the building and developing of a store room, linen room and pantry for the camp. We’ve also set up a craft shop and we’ve installed satellite communication with wifi at the camp and are in the process of marketing the Olkoroi Camp.

Please look at the rest of our website to see what we are working towards and come visit us!

With warm greetings from Maasai land!

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Do you love adventure? Are you one of those people who love what is real and authentic when it comes to visiting people and places?

At  Walking with Maasai we offer people the unique opportunity to experience real interaction with the Maasai community. From going to traditional cultural ceremonies, to joining a “meat camp” with warriors and learning from them how to throw a spear or shoot with a bow and arrow-You can even learn how to do traditional beadwork from the Maasai women. What is more, with Walking with Maasai as your host, you will not only experience the culture first hand, but you will help us to make our project sustainable.
See this feedback video from some of our recent guests at the Olkoroi Camp.

We begin by being


but we become


through experience.

             Maasai Proverb

Join us in our journey and come walk with Maasai in the Loita Hills!

Kashu Parit, Co-Founder and Director