Sintima Ngabual, former Adult Literacy student and Community Trust member

David Koyie, co-founder and teacher

Through the Olkoroi Camp we are able to generate income and awareness that will enable us to run the Adult Literacy School in a more sustainable manner. My vision for the school is to build an adult education facility where we can run our Adult Literacy classes, but also do other community training. My aim is also to see the students start their own small enterprises and community based self-help projects. I have already helped one youth group to start their own beekeeping project. My wife and I feel that we can make a difference in our community.

Our community is largely illiterate. Even though there are four primary schools in our area, there has only ever been one initiative to run an Adult Education school in our community. The initiative I took through Walking with Maasai has enabled many in the community to read and write. Sadly the Adult Literacy School has grinded to a halt because of lack of funding and an inadequate classroom facility. Thanks to the Olkoroi Camp initiative from Walking with Maasai there is new hope! We are getting ready to start up the Adult Literacy School  with a newly designed curriculum that will combine training courses on Environmental Education, Health Education and leadership training with our usual literacy syllabus for our new students, as well as our Community Trust members.

improved the lives of many men and women in our community. Today I am able to run my own business confidently because I learned how to count and work with money. I am also able to function and contribute towards development in my community as a Community Trust member. Many of my friends who attended the school are also running their own businesses and they are able to make a living and provide for their families. In today's world you are stranded when you are illiterate. We are happy when the Adult Literacy School is starting up again, because we have a very big need in the community for Adult Education.

My story...

I was a warrior when I first asked Walking with Maasai to start a Literacy School for warriors and adults in the community  who had a need to learn how to read and write. Since then the Adult Literacy School has

It is the eye

that has seen


that is clever.

                  Maasai saying

Adult Literacy

Empowering the community through education