Right now our biggest need is training for our members. Together with Walking with Maasai we are focusing on training workshops and short courses for our Trust members to equip them so they can make more informed decisions concerning their day to day life and their future. The training courses cover everything from leadership and management training, sustainable farming techniques, environmental education and healthcare.

We've seen many benefits come to our community through this partnership between our Trust and Walking with Maasai and we believe that through training and equipping of our members we will only see even greater blessings.

Community Trust

Empowering the Community for the future

Peter Ole Nyarket, Founder and Chairman of Olorte Community Development Trust

As a Community Trust we have accomplished the following:

The words of the elders

are blessed.

               Maasai Proverb


  • Managed to secure the land where the Olkoroi Camp is, from Narok County Council for the community as a community based Eco Camp.  o
  • Made a legal agreement with Walking with Maasai concerning the benefits that goes back to the community through the camp.  

  • Applied for and secured land from Narok County Council for the proposed Mobile Clinic building.      

  • Raised and set aside funds meant for Healthcare from the Olkoroi Camp towards the new proposed clinic building.               

  • Made legal agreements with Walking with Maasai concerning all buildings to secure them for the community.

The Olorte Community Development Trust was formed and officially registered in 2007. The Community Trust was set up in partnership with Walking with Maasai to act as a bridge between the Olorte Community and Walking with Maasai. Our role as a Community Trust is to oversee, assist and secure any development that is brought into our community by Walking with Maasai.

Our Trust currently consist of 16 Trustees and 28 members from all over our community. Our aim is to eventually originate and run some of our own community projects. We want to be in a position to assist poor families and children in our community to find education and employment.