Our children

are the

bright moon.

                     Maasai saying

our wildlife and our culture. Many communities all over Kenya have realized the value and importance of protecting their natural resources. With over 100 conservancies established and many more community based camps in different parts of the country, we hope that our own community will come to the full realization of this important fact before it is too late.
Together with our
Eco Camp initiative, we have embarked on a venture to train our Community Trust members, Adult Literacy students and local school kids on the importance of conserving our natural heritage.

Our unique environment in Loita is our greatest resource. There are few places in Kenya where  such rich biodiversity can be found in one area. For those of us who love the wildness and beauty of our land it has always been a passion to see our community realize the great potential that lies in protecting our forests, our wildlife and our culture. As Walking with Maasai we have attempted to create this awareness by establishing the Olkoroi Camp. We have seen the first fruits of this as the community slowly realize the benefits that come from visitors who stay at the camp to come and experience the true feeling of wilderness in Loita. The community benefit through employment and money that is generated by the camp through fees and donations, that goes towards education and healthcare. These are benefits that come to the community because of our beautiful forest, 

Environmental Education

Our environment is our wealth

There is great value for children and even adults to come into close contact with wild animals. We use the animals of Olkoroi Camp to teach and sensitize community members and school children about their importance in the environment.

Birds and the various biomes where they are found
Mammals of our area and the biomes they inhabit

Leudi Nyarket, co-founder of

Olkoroi Camp and wilderness guide

Please note:

The lists above are still being updated with new data as our team continue to record and confirm species .

Click on the images below to view our detailed Mammal, Bird, Tree and Shrubs lists:

Trees, Shrubs and Lianas and the various biomes they grow in

We are busy with the following:

  • Teaching erosion control and soil and grass management

  • Starting an indigenous tree nursery to replant damaged areas

  • We have established a wildlife waterhole

  • Collecting building materials for an educational wildlife hide at the waterhole

  • Working towards training and employing wildlife scouts to guard against poaching

  • By collecting and recording valuable data on fauna and flora of our area we are busy mapping the wildlife corridor that link the Forest of the Lost Child with the Maasai Mara.