Walking with Maasai is a non-profit organization that was established by local Maasai visionaries in partnership with friends from South Africa and the USA.

Our organization work alongside the Maasai communities of Olorte in the Loita Hills region of southern Kenya. As our name implies, we’re about  ordinary people who are together on an everyday journey of discovery, growth and development. By creating sustainable partnerships between us and various people around the world, we aim to support and encourage community-based initiatives that equip, educate and empower the local community. We seek to run all of our activities in an environmentally and culturally sensitive manner, promoting the conservation and wise use of natural resources.

Some of our key objectives are:

Walking with Maasai currently relies on sponsorship to run its operation. Our long-term aim is to become financially more independent through our joint community effort in establishing an Eco-Camp. Based in a remote and very beautiful forested area of the Loita Hills, the Maasai Community co-exist with some of Africa's most impressive wildlife. Visitors who choose to come and stay at Olkoroi Camp will in turn be supporting the community through the provision of much needed income and creation of employment.

More About Us

"One of the best things about 
Walking with Maasai is that the
Maasai themselves bring the ideas
and are the source of joy.
Their insights and perspectives color
everything that happens there.
is a good word for your organization.
To visit you guys
is to experience something
rare and real."

                                                          Nancy Richards

The Olorte Community Development Trust

We collaborate with the following organizations and entities: