"I have done a lot of traveling, but few places have inspired me as deeply and profoundly as this place. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime privilege to experience real African 'bush' in its untouched form - wild, enchanting
and also deeply respected. The eco friendly camp and close-knit community
you guys have built is incredible. Our every comfort was catered for and your thoughtfulness and warmth made us feel so welcome. It really is a benchmark
for the rest of us! ! Wait til Lonely Planet finds this... it is a top global destination."

Jessica Le Roux

Once you've
caught the rhythm
of Africa,

you will find that

it is the same

in all her music.

Karen Blixen, Out of Africa

 Olkoroi     Camp

         Sustainability    through Eco Tourism


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"I spent a week at the camp and had an amazing visit! The camp fits right into the landscape and makes you feel like you are are 
at "home" with nature.
Can't say enough great things about the staff: friendly, accommodating, inspiring,
hospitable, and highly personable. I think for the rest of my life I will remember
the sounds of the animals at night,
swimming in the warm river that flows
beneath the camp, and sitting and
sharing stories with the Masaai staff. Truly memorable. Thank you for a great visit!"

Brandon Jones


Currently we have four safari tents, each privately tucked away with exquisite views over the surrounding woodland and hills. Each tent has its own outside open air shower and compost toilet. The tents accommodate two people each. Self-catering groups can also bring their own camping gear and set up tents. Compost toilets and hot bucket showers are available. Our friendly local staff will assists you with anything from lighting fires to warming and mixing shower water.

Food and Kitchen

Food and Kitchen Olkoroi Camp is known for its mouth watering meals, cooked over the open fire with freshly baked bread - baked to perfection in our organic earth oven. Currently we can only cater for smaller groups of no more than 8 people. Self-catering groups can make use of our open plan bush kitchen and outside mess area around the fireplace.

Getting here

The Olkoroi camp is 140 km from Narok,
a 3,5 hour's drive on uneven road.

  • Public transport is available on weekdays​ 

  • Self drive is recommended for a high clearance vehicle , directions are available.

  • ​Land Rover pick up can be arranged at extra cost.


We offer a number of activities that can be tailored according to your interests and preference:

 • Hike into the Forest of the Lost Child with our expert local Maasai guides, following the paths of elephants that are hundreds of years old.

 • Do early mornings walks with our guides and learn how to read the signs of the wild and see what animals you can spot. Learn how to set wildlife camera traps and see what wildlife you can catch on camera.

 • Do bird watching walks with us and be astounded at the incredible diversity of birds in our area.

• Go on a traditional meat camp with real Maasai warriors. Let them teach you how to track wild animals or how to make a fire without a matchbox or a lighter! Learn the art and skill of spear throwing. Learn about medicinal trees and plants and their uses.

• Visit a local school or any community project. Join our team on their educational outreaches to remote Maasai villages.

 • Visit our craft shop and see the amazing work that local women and men do! Support the women by buying some of the beautiful jewelry and artwork they make.

 • Join the beadwork women and learn the skill of Maasai beadwork.

 • Visit a traditional Maasai cultural ceremony or simply visit a Maasai home and experience the simplicity and warmth of their hospitality.

• Take time to relax down by the river at the camp and soak in its tranquility.

 • Go to one of the local markets and experience culture, character and color like nowhere else in Africa.

The Olkoroi Camp is the ideal setting for people who wish to stay at a place off the beaten track where they can experience both authentic, heartwarming Maasai Culture as well as the thrill of the very enchanted natural beauty of the African bush. Here is a place where you can still hear at night the call of the leopard, the tree hyrax and the bush baby, where there are no fences and where a herd of buffalo might graze beside your tent at night. The Olkoroi Camp is truly community based - where it is easy for visitors to interact with and become part of the day to day lives of the local Maasai community. The name "Olkoroi" was given to the Camp by the Maasai elders of the Community Trust who work in partnership with Walking with Maasai. Olkoroi is the Maasai name for the endangered black and white Colobus monkeys that live along the forested Olkeju Arus river on the Camp boundary. An ancient elephant migratory route links the Forest of the Lost Child in the Loita Hills in the East with the wide open grasslands of the Maasai Mara towards the West. Olkoroi camp is situated on the edge of this migratory corridor.

Staying at the Olkoroi Camp is in its truest sense
an authentic African experience