Environmental Education and Conservation 

  • Training community members on wise land use practices to reduce negative impacts to the environment due to bad farming techniques and overgrazing.

  • Sencitising the community and school children about the importance and value of wildlife.

  • Demonstrating the value of conserving the environment through Eco Tourism.

  • Developing an indigenous tree nursery for restocking purposes.

  • Aiming to start a community wildlife scout program.

Adult Literacy Program (Pending- raising funds)

  • Transform and empower the community to have a choice over their future.

  • A powerful tool for teaching Health Education, Environmental awareness and skills development.

  • Widen people's opportunities for employment and local business.

  • Working towards the building of an Adult Education Center

Health Care

  • Emergency evacuation for the critically ill to major Hospitals and Medical Centers.

  • Immunization campaigns.

  • Mobile Health outreaches with visiting medical teams.

  • Health Education through community training workshops and Adult Education classes.

  • The building of a Mobile Clinic Base.